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BONAVISTA BIENNALE 2019: FLOE/FLOT, Exhibition Catalogue, 108 pages full colour plates. Text by curators Catherine Beudette, David Daviney, and Matthew Hills. Artists include Jordan Bennet, Bob Blumer, Marla Magdalena Campos-Pons, Ian Carr-Harris + Yvonne Lammerich, Kym Greeley, Robert Hengeveld, Anna Helper, Jason Holley, Thaddeus Holownia, Barb Hunt + Jane Walker, Mark Igloliorte, Wanda Koop, Meagan Musseau, Sean Patrick O’Brien, Paulette Phillips, Meghan Price, Jerry Ropson, Camielle Turner, and D’Arcy Wilson. 2 Rooms Contemporary Art Projects. ISBN 978-1-7752618-1-0.

Available here through Bonavista Biennalle: (Online Version)


Promised Lands, Monograph, 108 pages full colour plates.  Essays by Julie Rene de Cotret, Dawn Owen, Dr. Jonathan Newman, Jonathan G Hampton, and John Massier, MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, 2-14 ND6549.H455.A4, ISBN 978-1-926875-06-4.

$60 ($130 with pop-up insert, limited edition of 75), tax and shipping included.
Available through website or through Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects.

Monograph Preview (Download PDF)
Pop-up Preview


Memories of the Future Essay by Noa Bronstein and Katherine Dennis. 2014 (Download PDF)


Natural Forms. Essay by John Hampton. Neutral Ground, 2012 (Available Here)


  Greenw∞sh, Exhibition Catalogue, Openspace, Essay by Helen Marzolf and Elsye Portal, 2011 N6546.6 G74 (Available Here)


JE ST’   Essays by Jennifer Belanger, Amanda Dawn Christie, and Nisk Imbeault. Galerie d’art Lourise et Reuben-Cohen, Moncton NB. 2012.  ISBN 978-0-9877755-3-5 (Available Here)


ArtSync Book Project: CONVERSATIONS 2011-2012.  ART SYNC Canadian Art Connections, 2012 (Available Here)


Robert Hengeveld: In Pursuit of Paradise. Julie René de Cotret.  Febuary 23 – March 23 2013 (Download PDF)

The Aleph, The Puddle, The Halo: Robert Hengeveld’s Natural Revision. Katie Bethune-Leaman. Mercer Union, March 25 – April 30, 2011. (Download PDF)

On Climate: Leigh Bridges and Robert Hengeveld . Lucy Pullen. May 2005 (Download PDF)



“Exhibition Review: Promised Lands, MacDonald Stewart Art Centre” by Dagmara Genda, Border Crossings, Vol.33, Number 4, Winter 2014.

“Exhibitions: The Opinion Makers, London”. The Guardian Guide, December 13, 2014. (Link)

“This week’s best new art: the best new exhibition you’d be mad to miss” / #1 Opinion Makers”Time Out London, December 16, 2014 ( Link)

“Critic’s Pick”. Featured, Critic Paul Carey-Kent, Paul’s Art World, December 17, 2014 (Link)

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“Nature Inspires Artist-in-Residence” by Andrew Vowles, At Guelph, March 8, 2012 (Download PDF)

Canadian Art Gallery Hop, Talk by Katie Bethune-LeamenSeptember 24, 2011 (Link)

“Living life in the wild”, by Carolyn Farrell, Barrie Examiner, August 12, 2011 (Download PDF)

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“Ambitious Green*sh engages and educates”, by Amy Smart, Time Colonist, June 12, 2011 (Download PDF)

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“Nature in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”, by Margaret Bessai, BlackFlash Magazine, January 2011 (Download PDF)

“Standing Outside of Circles, Spending Time Thinking In”, by Michael A. Armstrong, MTLMilieau, February 18, 2011 Interview with Valarie Ashton, Whistle Radio, CIWS 102.7fm, January 17, 2011 “Nature, My Grass”, by Gregory Beatty, Prairie Dog, Regina, September 17, 2010 (Download PDF)

“Natural Forms”, by Matrin Gourlie, Regina Urban Ecology, September 12, 2010 (Download PDF)

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