Stopping by the Woods, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

Exhibition opens at Harbourfront Centre, in Toronto. Exhibition includes works by Gary Evans, Robert Hengeveld, Gwen MacGregor, Janet Macpherson, Monica Tap, and Doreen Wittenbols

Curated by Patrick Macaulay

We must stop and observe. Even at times when it seems to make the least sense, we must take a moment to look and appreciate. Stopping by Woods refers to Robert Frost’s poem, but more importantly it reiterates a value advanced by many artists: that one must stop and investigate to fully understand the world and its complexity. Frost was famous for linking the natural world to human needs and desires. For us as Canadians, there is a strong connection between the environment and the construction of personal narrative.

Stopping by Woods allows the space in the daily journey to see beyond mundane concerns and consider the sensory circumstance. For at least the time it takes to appreciate the substance and meaning of our world, we must not think of “stopping” as eulogy, but as a promise of artistic candor.

– Patrick Macaulay, Director, Visual Arts

Exhibition Runs until June 14, 2015

For more information visit Harbourfront Centre