The project consists of a shopping cart discarded into the lake (or in this case into the large pond in the downtown of Kitchner ON as a part of CAFKA : veracity). It’s a sight that is not too out of the ordinary for this park or any other part of the urban landscape. The discarded cart is a familiar enough sight. The thing that makes this cart a bit different from the rest is that it fails to sink to the bottom.

It’s the kind of thing that’s odd or different enough to catch our attention and make us take notice, simply because it flies in the face of how we understand the world around us. The structure is created using tubing as well as nylon bolts, cast foam wheels, and other materials. All the materials used in the work have a lower density than water, causing the object to float. Additionally, air is sealed within the tubing to still further increase the shopping cart’s buoyancy.

The project explores our understanding and perception of the real, and how we see ourselves within that. The work, in its absurdity, takes a satirical look at the residue left behind within the environments we inhabit. It uses fiction to form a better understanding of the reality in which we live.


“Duck Poo, Aisle Six”. Terre Chartrand. Urbanely Urban, September 20, 2009. (Link)