unbridled rien

A hilly turf terrain grows beneath the continual glow of plasma light. A CNC machine meticulously plods through its maintenance of the small patch of grass, slowly and methodically slicing back any growth from the previous day.

Unbridled Rein incorporates an intentionally overstated measure of technology as a means of exploring the very role of technology plays in the culture in which we live. More specifically, the work – in its fantastical amplification of technology – examines how these communicative, chemical, and genetic technologies are used to shape the environments we inhabit.

Inherent within the work is the potential disconnect between intent and outcome. While every effort has been made to nurture and maintain an ideal tract of turf, the end result is indeed undetermined. Whether thriving or entirely dead, the blades will continue their painstaking traverse back and forth across every portion of its grass surface. Likewise, a single glitch in programming or the misreading of a sensor could send the entire assembly careening down into a short-lived but incredibly spectacular collision with its cultivated surface. It embodies both an ambitious pursuit and intrinsically fragile proposition.