A generic apartment kitchen has been reconstructed at a slightly reduced scale. The project, which is first encountered from its hard blue exterior, is reminiscent of a large minimalist sculpture.

Upon circling the work the viewer encounters the stark contrast of a highly rendered and saturated interior space. The detailed interior of the kitchen, although evidently fictional, confronts the viewer with a recognizable environment and simultaneously with the uncanny perception of an artificial scale and incomplete reproduction. Although devoid of people, the space resonates with an intense presence, suggesting a sudden or violent departure. This work is situated just outside the banal repetitive experience of our everyday surroundings, this subtle slip from the commonplace creates a situation in which our preconceptions are challenged, creating a repositioning or rethinking of the environments around us- a perception rather than preconception.


“Four Wonders”, Wendy Welch, Monday magazine, May 12, 2005 (Download PDF)