Howl: Supercrawl

The installation 'Howl: Supercrawl' documented here was installed in Hamilton, Ontario on James Street North. This project develops from the collective assemblage of several earlier installation-based projects which are reimagined and expanded on within this work. The project examines our evolving societal relationship to material and nature.

A perpetual coyote-and-bunny chase races along the bright green tracks of a custom-built rollercoaster. It is never quite clear which decoy is chasing the other. Both decoys fall well short of the reality they stand to represent, and yet the spectacle of their wild and persistent action seems to make up for their lack of living breath or the occasional blemish in the stab at authenticity. Situated beneath the looping track is a vibrant landscape formed through the heaping piles of shredded paper. Accents of purple, neon pink, and red pop like wild flowers in what becomes an over-romanticized semblance of nature. The abridged world it creates is fantastical despite the ever-present reality of its modest materiality